Today we are going to recommend the best innovative inverter for car: Erayak 200W Car Power Inverter

Erayak makes power inverter in various designs. One of the popular Erayak inverters has a painted cup holder design. The inverter is very popular because it fits nicely in a car’s cup holder as well as its innovative painted design. Therefore, the cup holder design of this inverter is perfect to use in a car.

The Erayak 200W power inverter comes included with a cigarette lighter plug that facilitates easy connection with a car battery. It is worth mentioning that this wire can be detached from the main body and the fuse can be replaced.

erayak 200w power inverter cigarette lighter cable detachable

You use the 200W car inverter in not only cars, but also in any vehicles that allow a cigarette lighter connection.

After the inverter to battery connections, you can use the output power from the inverter. To use the AC output, the power inverter features two 3.1A USB, one 30W USB-C quick charging ports and one AC outlets. The USB port is of 2.1A power. You can use the USB port to charge USB enabled devices. On the other hand, use the AC outlets to power those devices that require 110V AC inputs. Therefore, you will be able to charge almost any device that requires under 200W power. In fact, the cup holder inverter with 200-watt power is very popular for charging laptops, tablets, cell phones, cameras and other small equipment.

erayak 200w car power inverter
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